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Posted: Jul 7, 2022

Statement Distribution and Call Center Support for SNFs, Hospice, and Home Healthcare

Are you struggling to keep up with timely patient statement distribution?

Is your call center overwhelmed with billing questions?

Unfortunately, patient statement distribution, payment collection, and call center support aren’t going away. And for SNFs, hospice, and home healthcare, it can be challenging to stretch your resources to deliver the services your patients expect efficiently and quickly.

So, it’s understandable if you’re struggling to keep up with the growing demand for statement delivery and call center support. 

But, there is some good news!

Outsourcing your statement distribution and call center support can help you expedite collections and improve patient satisfaction, regardless of the size of your facility.

Statement Distribution and Call Center Support

It’s critically important for your facility that your patients receive accurate and precise statements quickly. In addition, you want to provide excellent customer service to address any patient billing inquiries. But, with limited staff, it can be hard to deliver the services your patients and their families expect. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

With support from an experienced medical billing company, you can deliver easy-to-understand statements and provide professional support for your patients. 

Discover How MCA Can Help

Outsourcing statement distribution and call center support can give you the peace of mind that your residents are receiving consistent service while increasing your collections. When outsourcing your statement distribution and call center support to MCA, we manage the entire statements distribution process to patients, including taking calls from your residents regarding statement questions.

By selecting MCA to manage your statement distribution and call center support, you can expect:

Easy-to-understand statements.

MCA is committed to providing detailed, easy-to-understand statements that provide your residents with the information necessary to expedite outstanding payments. 

Our billing professionals will consistently handle all the little details necessary to produce and distribute your billing statements with clearly written payment instructions.

Updated facility and ancillary charges included.

Before any statements go out to your residents, MCA’s highly skilled medical billers ensure that all submitted statements contain updated facility and ancillary charges. We work to identify and verify all charges to minimize the number of statements your residents and their families receive. 

And we mean every charge! We aim to ensure that a submitted statement contains everything necessary to articulate the current amount due and due date.

Timely statement submission.

MCA facilitates a faster statement process and delivery by providing multiple statement delivery methods, including digital notifications and statements in addition to print statements to prompt more immediate patient responses. Our highly efficient statement processing means that you can get your statements delivered quickly. And getting your billing statements out swiftly and efficiently means you get paid faster and more often.

Integration with your facility’s system.

There is no need to log in to yet another system. When outsourcing your statement distribution to MCA, we integrate with your facility’s system to help ensure accurate and timely statement submissions. 

Triage and resolution of patient statement concerns. 

MCA’s dedicated support team fields all statement-related questions. Our team triages the patient’s or family’s statement concerns and works with your facility to ensure an accurate and timely resolution. 

We’ll stay on the phone with the patient or family member and help resolve their concerns. Our detailed knowledge of the billing and your system allows us to resolve more issues over the phone, helping accelerate patient payment.

Statement Distribution and Call Center Support Is One of Our Specialties

There’s no denying that managing statement distribution and billing questions take a great deal of time! Time that your administrative team could be spending on higher value tasks. 

MCA’s dedicated team of skilled medical billers and our support team are exceptional at managing statement distribution and call center support. Our team is extremely knowledgeable and incredibly patient – helping to provide your patients with the communication and customer service they deserve. 

With help from MCA, you can free up your administrators. You can save money and improve your facility’s cash flow.

Save Time

Your team works hard to keep your statement distribution process and call center running smoothly and efficiently. Removing the tedious task of medical statement processing from their list will free up their time to focus on other, more critical tasks. 

Accelerate Patient Payments

Accelerate patient payments with accurate, easy-to-understand print and digital statements.

Simplify Your Mailing Process

Eliminate time-consuming printing, folding, and stuffing, by letting MCA print and mail statements for you. Plus, you can get rid of the large inventory of mailing supplies and obtain postage discounts and faster processing.

Provide the Customer Support Your Patients Expect

MCA is an extension of YOUR staff and representatives, providing your patients exceptional customer support. We’re dedicated to answering your patient’s and family’s questions while on the phone. And when we can, we partner with you to ensure nothing goes unanswered. 

Get Support That Works

Gain access to a team of experts dedicated to helping you improve your statement distribution process and your call center support. But, don’t take our word for it. 

“The MCA staff were very knowledgeable and professional when I called them about my statement”

            Independent Living Resident- Wichita, KS

“MCA is not just a call center, they have their billing managers take calls so they can answer all your questions about your statement.”

            Admin- CCRC Overland Park, KS

MCA – Expert Help for Statement Distribution and Call Center Support 

Our unique combination of highly-skilled billers, long-standing SNF, hospice, and home health billing experience, and our dedicated support team make MCA a reliable partner when outsourcing your statement distribution and call center support.

Together, we can pave a better financial future for your facility. 

Drop us a note or call us at 866-609-5880 to learn more about how MCA can help your skilled nursing facility clean up your aging AR. 

About MCA Medical Billing Solutions

MCA is a full-service revenue cycle management company dedicated to helping skilled nursing, home health, and hospice facilities advance their revenue cycle management. We provide claims creation, submission, and follow-up to Medicare, Medicaid, and all commercial insurers.

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