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Posted: Jul 21, 2022

REVEX – Experience A Smarter Way To Manage Your AR

A fresh approach to AR management software.

Are you struggling to reduce your team’s time and effort on mundane, repetitive Accounts Receivable (AR) management tasks?

Do you lack the necessary visibility and tools to manage your AR effectively?

Are you trying to manage your AR on spreadsheets and work lists?

You’re not alone if you answered yes to any of these questions! Most skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), home healthcare, and hospice organizations lack the visibility and tools to manage their AR effectively. Spreadsheets are out of date the instant you create them, and work lists never provide the AR details your team needs to be fully effective. 

The good news is that you don’t need to struggle any longer! 

You can significantly improve your team’s efficiency, gain access to the details you need, and ditch those spreadsheets by automating your AR management with REVEX. Plus, you can increase your profitability!

REVEX – AR Management Software

REVEX is a revolutionary AR management platform designed to help skilled nursing facilities and hospice and home health organizations streamline the management of their AR tracking process. The REVEX software provides real-time, interactive information and reporting that allows you to provide consistency and transparency in all that you do.

We begin by extracting your accounts receivable data from your patient management system and securely post it to our HIPAA-compliant portal. From our secured portal, you and your medical billers can access real-time, interactive information and reporting that allows you to provide consistency and transparency in all you do. 

Free up your medical billers to focus on more meaningful responsibilities and streamline your AR management by incorporating REVEX into your medical billing process.

REVEX Solutions for Your Business

Professional medical billers designed REVEX with extensive experience managing SNF, home health, and hospice AR. Our intuitive program provides a fresh approach to AR management software, allowing you to create streamlined workflows for your medical billers and insightful dashboards in minutes.

By combining the control of in-house medical billers and the efficiency of outsourcing data processing, REVEX provides you with the real-time, interactive AR automation you need to manage and grow a successful organization.

Our software provides everything you need and nothing you don’t. The automation available with REVEX helps you to boost your efficiency, simplify your workflows, and accelerate collections. Some of our comprehensive features include:

Red Flag Alerts.

Set aside the most important claims for the customer using our integrated flagging feature allowing your team to stay on track with alerts and escalations. 

Embedded Reporting.

We use our simplified, value-rich AR aging reports to identify what is collectible or what claims require adjustments. The information you need is available at a glance or in more detail when you need it.

Easy and Intuitive Software.

Input processing notes and collection status with our easy and intuitive data collection process, improving cross-departmental workflows and efficiency. 

Access Anytime, Anywhere.

Get real-time access to your AR information anywhere and anytime from your mobile device or an application on your desktop.

The REVEX Value

The key to a financially successful healthcare organization is efficient, automated AR management. REVEX helps remove any obstacles that prevent timely cash collections while enabling better communication and visibility your leaders need to monitor the organization’s cash flow. 

With automated AR management from REVEX, you can improve your cash flow, efficiency, transparency, and much more.

Improve Cash Flow.

Increase cash and decrease days in AR with automatic daily claims updates and next step instructions on all denied claims

Boost Efficiency.

Sort AR by claim status, date of service, payor, amount, and urgency to manage, prioritize, and delegate accounts to specific billers. 

Increase Transparency.

Know the status of any claim at any time with real-time notes and claim status updates accessible via our cloud-based servers. 

REVEX Service Plans

REVEX provides your organization with the efficiencies of outsourced AR data management with the level of support that fits your needs. Incorporate REVEX into your AR management process and experience a more streamlined, efficient, and transparent AR management right away. 

We offer a REVEX service plan that’s right for every business.

REVEX Foundation

  • Stand-alone AR tracking system
  • Claims upload support
  • Standard workflow configuration

Investigation Support

  • Everything from the REVEX Foundation services plus
  • General claim follow-up
  • Action and next step guidance

Denial Management

  • Everything from the Investigation Support service plus
  • Corrects and adjustments on all AR
  • Appeals and reconsiderations

No matter what level of service your facility may require, you can expect that REVEX and our team of experts will support you. We’re committed to your success. But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out what our customers have to say:

“We run REVEX on all our accounts which makes tracking and collecting them a breeze. If I ever have a question about an account, I just click it, and it works and is resolved within 48 hours. It’s amazing!” Brett, Summit Healthcare

“REVEX is awesome; I love using it. I log in for less than 30 minutes daily, and the AR stays clean. It allows us to keep our existing billers but makes them much more productive, so we need less of them…” Jackie, Method HC

MCA – Expert Help for Difficult Claims 

Our unique combination of highly-skilled billers, long-standing SNF, hospice, and home health billing experience, and our dedicated support team makes MCA a reliable partner to help support your most complicated claims. When you leverage REVEX to help automate your AR management, the experts at MCA are just a click away.

Together, we can pave a better financial future for your facility. 

Drop us a note or call us at 866-609-5880 to learn more about how MCA can help your SNF, hospice, or home health organization automate your AR management process. Plus, ask how you can use REVEX for free!

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